Learn to Make Love with the Lights On

For many couples, sex doesn’t start until the lights go out. And it’s no coincidence. A survey conducted by Glamour magazine found that 40 percent of women aren’t happy with their bodies. Such a startling statistic might explain why so many women prefer to stay in the dark when it comes to sex. Unfortunately, the “lights out” policy is likely selling you - and your mate - short. Even if you don’t find yourself attractive, it’s pretty much guaranteed that your partner does. He is with you, after all. There’s a good chance the only thing your man is missing in his sex life is a bird’s eye view of you. In many cases, women are uncomfortable being completely exposed because it leaves them feeling vulnerable. Women often give in to feeling self-conscious by keeping themselves out of the spotlight. There’s no reason your love life should fall victim to your insecurities.
While nobody expects you to suddenly flick on the lights after all this time, there are ways to gradually ease into it. Start out by hitting Victoria’s Secret or another lingerie store. Invest in some sexy new undergarments that make you feel hot. Give yourself the once over…way more than once. Look at yourself through his eyes. Try picturing yourself in a new light. Next, dip your toes in the water by shedding a little light on the subject. Put it on the lowest dimmer setting or opt for candlelight. As you grow more comfortable with your body, you will hopefully come to see yourself differently. When you start to get down to business, stay in the moment. Enjoy being with your partner and throw those insecurities to the wind.