When Sorry Doesn't Cut It: Alternative Ways to Apologize

Sorry is often the hardest word to say. For men who struggle finding the words to apologize, they often make a grandiose gesture with flowers. So what’s a girl to do when she wants to show her man a little TLC without having to utter that five-letter word? Here are some easy alternatives to make amends. Perhaps you two need to reconnect - present him with an inexpensive gift card to your favorite coffee shop to enjoy a cup of java and get the conversation going. A little communication goes a long way - why not write a note detailing how much you love and appreciate him, and slip it into his computer bag or lunch bag? A quick text or email is always appreciated, too. While money can’t buy love, good food sure can. Think up a gustatory treat and spend the afternoon baking it up for him. If sweets aren't his thing, then pack up a really yummy lunch with all his favorites.
Try to steer clear of the same old sandwich and chips and get imaginative with tasty treats that will ensure he'll think about you while he enjoys them. If you're not normally a cuddler, then snuggle up beside your man while you watch TV one night. Bedtime cuddling helps maintain closeness, and it's OK if you don't want to cuddle all night. Just give a few hugs and kisses before going to sleep, then retire to your respective corners of the bed. And a gesture that definitely goes a long way is doing a chore that your mate positively hates to do. If he recoils at scrubbing the bathroom, then don the plastic gloves and get it done. It's a nice thing to do that lets him know that all those times when he stuck his neck out for you - whether it was killing a spider or scooping the litterbox - were appreciated. And if gets you off the hook from apologizing, good on ya!