How Can a Pedometer Help You?

If you're committing to a walking routine to keep up with your fitness and exercise resolutions this year, you can keep track of your progress by wearing a pedometer. Experts recommend that everyone should take at least 10,000 steps per day for better health, but you don't have to count these steps in your head to reach your fitness goals! A pedometer is designed to count every step you take, making it much easier for you to set goals and track your progress.


Here are some of the key benefits of using a pedometer when you want to keep up with your fitness and exercise goals:

1. Hassle-free goal tracking: You can wear your pedometer all day to keep track of every single step and then calculate the total distance you covered for the day. This reduces the need to measure and monitor every exercise you complete throughout the day, so you can just turn on the pedometer and head off on that next workout without a second thought.

2. Easy portability: Almost all pedometers are designed with a simple strap mechanism so you can simply strap it on and go. Pedometers can be attached to your waist or hips to measure the vertical movement of your hips as you go about your day and will keep on logging your movements as you start and stop each activity.

3. Makes your fitness goals a priority: The simple act of wearing a pedometer can make you more mindful about your health and fitness goals and encourage you to simply walk more and take extra steps daily. As you get into the habit of using your pedometer and checking it for your daily steps, monitoring your results over a period of time and setting new goals, you may be more motivated to increase your fitness level and stay on track with your walking exercise routine.


More Information about Pedometers

A pedometer is a simple, low-cost fitness tool that will help you track your progress as you continue with your exercise routine. There are several different types of pedometers available; some are designed only to measure the steps you take each day, while others are more advanced and will keep track of your calories burned, how far you are from your daily goal and give you other calculations at the end of the day.

If you're used to doing other exercises such as step aerobics, light jogging or running during the day, you may consider an advanced pedometer that can take your heart rate into account and give you a final breakdown of your overall calories burned and average miles covered. Remember, a pedometer is designed to track all of your steps - whether you're just walking or running, doing lunges or jogging.

Pedometers are very easy to use and offer many benefits for anyone committed to keeping up with a walking routine and getting in shape. {relatedarticles}Use a pedometer as your mini personal trainer to help you achieve your fitness goals and stay on track with your exercise routine.