Hair Dryers

Hair dryers make life more convenient, and help you achieve a variety of styles you wouldn't be able to get with natural drying. If you love the results you get from a cut and dry at your salon, chances are the quality of the salon's hair dyer has at least a little something to do with it.

When it comes to creating hairstyles at home, you may find your own dryer just doesn't do the trick. Perhaps you didn't give much thought to what you wanted and needed in a hair dryer when you purchased it, or your hair dryer might simply be outdated. Hair dryers aren't usually at the top of our list for up-to-the-minute beauty must-haves. You might know a pair of jeans in your closet is so last season, but not realize the hair dryer you bought 5 years ago is due to be replaced.

Hair dryer technology changes fast, and new innovations can make a huge difference when it comes to how a dryer affects the health and appearance of your hair. Heat styling can damage hair, so a hair dryer should do more than simply blast a torrent of scalding air at your hair and scalp. It should be designed with certain features to help protect your hair from damage and keep it soft and manageable.

Drying time is also a factor when it comes to updating your hair dryer. Using an ineffective dryer can take ages. No woman wants to spend half an hour in an overheated bathroom drying her hair, but many do when they have the wrong dryer. Buying a quick, effective dryer can streamline your haircare routine and give you extra time in your day to do the things you enjoy.
Hot Buys

If you're managing your beauty on a budget, you'll be happy to know you can get a perfectly good hair dryer for less than $30, if you keep up with the sales. Case in point: the Revlon Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer ($28.95). This product has received rave reviews from users who were impressed by its high-quality performance and excellent price. This lightweight, sleek model features 2 speeds, 2 heat settings, and tourmaline ionic technology for quick and effective drying.

BaByliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme 2000 Watt Hair Dryer packs quite a powerful punch for its price tag, just less than $40. Sometimes, very powerful dryers can leave you looking like you just took a ride in a convertible on a windy day, but this model offers fantastic drying speed that leaves hair in great shape. It's not a particularly petite dryer, so it may not be as easy to wield as some of the new dryers on the market, but its strength will help you cut your styling time so you can get on with your day.

Hair dryers can be a little difficult to store. They generally have long cords that dangle down and get stuck in cabinet doors and drawers. The Conair Infiniti iSeries Cord-Keeper Folding Dryer takes care of that problem easily with its nifty retractable cord. The Infiniti Series has been named one of the best low-priced dryers money can buy, and this model selling for $24.99 adds convenience to its overall appeal.

Tourmaline Dryers

Tourmaline hair dryers are some of the latest innovations in hair care. If you're shopping for hair dryers, you may see the word tourmaline thrown around a lot, and understand that it's a selling point, but does it make a hair dryer better? To avoid a lengthy scientific explanation, here are the basics: The mineral tourmaline is a natural ionic and infrared generator. When a hair dryer is made of tourmaline, the negative ions and infrared heat given off help hair stay healthier. In short, it's a more hair-friendly way to dry.
The Andis Elevate 80285 Professional Tourmaline Ionic ($19.99) is a chic, professional-looking dryer in a bright cherry red color, for those who want a high-end look for their styling tools. This model helps eliminate frizz and dry your hair ultra-fast. Added bonus? It's quiet, so you don't have to wake the whole house when drying your hair!

The BaByliss PRO TT (Carrera 2) Tourmaline 3000 Dryer ($79.95) is another bright, visually impressive salon-style tourmaline dryer. It features 6 speed/heat combinations and cold shot, plus it comes with a free concentrator nozzle.

If you're in the mood to splurge, and you want an extra-posh dryer fit for a diva, check out the Bespoke T3 Featherweight Tourmaline Ionic Dryer. Not only will this model dry your hair up to 60% faster than the average dryer, it will also leave your hair luxuriously soft and manageable. It works great on all hair types, but women with thick, unruly hair will probably notice the difference the most. In addition to all its high-tech features, it weighs less than a pound. Unsurprisingly, the Bespoke can be quite pricey, but sometimes discounts can be found. It sells for approximately $139.95.

Travel Dryers

Hair dryers can be a drag to pack for trips. They're bulky and oddly shaped, and the cords are long and unwieldy. Many women opt to leave their dryers at home and take their chances with the dryer provided by the hotel. This can sometimes turn out to be a less-than-positive experience. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, you'll want to put your best face forward, which means having a familiar and reliable hair dryer on hand.
Hot Tools 1875 Ionic Travel Dryer ($32.99) is petite, pack-able, and powerful. Since it's collapsible, this dryer offers all the benefits of a full-sized ionic dryer without all the bulk.

If you're looking for a travel hair dryer with as much power as a full-size model, the Revlon 1875W Compact ($16.99) dryer is the one to put in your suitcase. You'll get 1875 watts of power and ionic anti-frizz benefits from this cute, snub-nosed dryer. It features 2 speed settings, and has a collapsible handle and dual voltage, so you can take it - and use it - just about anywhere in the world!