Hungry? You Can Handle the Tooth
Today's Diet & Fitness Tip
You've consumed your allotted calories for the day when a killer craving comes out of nowhere. You're first instinct is to reach for the Ben and Jerry's, but don't give in just yet. We have a more polished approach to ward off those hunger... Read More
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Spinach Isn't Just for Popeye
How smart is Popeye? Smarter than you think. Popeye attributes his amazing strength to eating spinach, but he is also protecting himself...
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Dark Chocolate for Heart Health
by Richard van Beek Researchers are actually telling us to eat dark chocolate for heart health. How is this possible? Up until now,...
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All Vitamin Supplements Are Not Created Equal
While getting all your essential nutrients from natural foods is ideal, it may not be practical in today's society, and many people turn...
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