10 WORST Fitness Mistakes

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Failing to push yourself-- However, pushing your body as reasonably far as possible is the key to making progress. An unchallenging 20-minute cardio session or easy sets don't test your body. Make sure once you start finding sets easy that you raise the stakes to continue meeting your goals.

Failing to vary your routine -- Once your body accustoms itself to a routine, your growth slows. A workout strengthens your body by taking you beyond your comfort zone. Change exercises in your workout plan periodically. Switch your cardio from the treadmill to the exercise cycle. Use a barbell instead of dumbbells for those bicep curls. Take a class you've never tried --there's something for everyone offered in most gyms these days.

Doing incomplete workouts -- Doing cardio alone doesn't develop fat-burning muscle like weights do. Focusing on chest exercises shortchanges other muscles that now have to compensate to balance an overdeveloped chest with your body. You don't have to work out every muscle group every day. Alternate upper and lower body workouts, and mix up heart-strengthening cardio with strength training. Stay balanced, and your body will show the results.