10 WORST Fitness Mistakes

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Working out without focus and efficiency -- A good cardio session can take 20 to 30 minutes. A good weight workout can take 30 to 45 minutes. That 60-second rest period becomes 3 minutes if you don't watch the clock, making a 30-minute workout last more than an hour. Stay focused and keep the workout moving towards completion. Too long of a rest period can decrease your workout's effectiveness.

Drinking sports drinks instead of water -- Sports drinks contain electrolytes. They also contain sugar, and not the good kind. Most sports drinks contain corn syrup, which sends your liver into overdrive to process the high sugar concentration, storing anything else taken in as fat. Check the labels of sports drinks to avoid the extras that you don't need, and only drink sports drinks when you need them -- they're not meant to quench your everyday thirst.

Unless your workout is intense -- and we're talking marathon-intense -- you probably don't need a sports drink. If you need some flavor, try a spritz of lemon or lime. There are concentrated, sugar-free flavors available in packets and syrups that add flavor but no calories to your drink. Give them a try.