Eat Healthy, Live Longer

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Eating healthier is an easy process. Once you've identified what you're eating, how it makes you feel and why you are eating it, you know the root of the issue. It's at that point you begin retraining process for both your body and your mind.

After dissected how you eat, why you eat and when you eat it's time to do a little house cleaning. After all, if you don't have cookies in the pantry, you can't reach for cookies when you want to have a late night snack. Once you've rid your home of processed foods loaded with empty calories and preservatives it's time to go shopping.

If you have a sweet tooth, spend some quality time in the produce isle. Fruits like pomegranates, kiwi and strawberries are loaded with vitamins and can curb that craving for sweets. Eating fresh fruits is much better than drinking fruit juices loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients. The more natural you can keep your diet, the better.

If you tend to snack late in the evening, the produce isle is a good place for you to hang out as well. Find broccoli, cauliflower, and cherry tomatoes, and keep them cut up and on hand for any late night craving. Celery is also a great snacking vegetable, as it contains no calories whatsoever, and will help you feel full.