How to Track Weight Loss Progress

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Keep a food journal. One of the simplest ways to stick with your weight loss regimen is to keep track of all the food you eat in a food journal. A food journal or 'food diary' can also be used as a self-reflection tool; do you find yourself eating when you are hungry, tired or anxious? You can jot down those thoughts in your food journal so you get a better idea of how and why you are eating -- and make changes accordingly.

Take pictures -- take a set of before-and-after pictures every month so you can compare your results visually and get a realistic view of how your body is changing.

Keeping track of your weight loss is an essential part of sticking with your healthy diet and losing weight in the long-term. Avoid the temptation of only relying on the scale to measure your progress; make use of a measuring tape, food journal and pictures can provide a more accurate view of your results.