Overcoming Your Sugar Cravings Naturally

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Sugar cravings are the biggest challenge most of us have to face when choosing a healthy, nourishing diet. Even after learning about the negative health impacts of eating sugar, the thought of reducing or eliminating your sugar consumption can seem like an outrageous and impossible feat.

Phasing sugar out of your diet is possible when you use lots of nourishing support and a wide array of natural sugar alternatives. Once the sugar is gone and the withdrawal symptoms pass, you can focus more on health and nutrition. Without the sugar your immune system will be stronger, your energy and moods more stable and your cravings will fade. You won't miss the sugar or the bothersome symptoms it created.

Sugar Addiction
Sugar is physically addictive. Studies at Princeton University find that sugar consumption leads to all of the identifying symptoms of addiction in rats -- increased intake, withdrawal, cravings and relapse. And many experts believe that breaking the sugar addiction is more challenging than getting off of nicotine or even heroin.

Of course, nicotine and heroin aren't ingredients in almost every food on the supermarket shelves. In addition to being the main feature in candies and desserts, sugar is also included in products from crackers and cereal to bread, condiments and soups. Unless you have made a conscious and diligent effort to avoid sugar, you have probably eaten it every day of your life. And with every serving, your addiction has been triggered.