Overcoming Your Sugar Cravings Naturally

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"Refined sugar passes quickly into the bloodstream in large amounts, giving the stomach and pancreas a shock. An acid condition forms, which consumes the body's minerals quickly. Thus calcium is lost from the system, causing bone problems. The digestive system is weakened and food cannot be digested or assimilated properly. This leads to a blood-sugar imbalance and to further craving for sugar," says Paul Pitchford, author of Healing with Whole Foods.

Phasing the Sugar Out
Although freeing yourself from a sugar addiction can be challenging, it is also deeply rewarding. Phasing the sugar out of your diet will improve your immediate and long-term physical health, stabilize your moods and energy levels, and help you enjoy the pleasure and tastes of nourishing, natural whole foods even more.

It's important to approach phasing sugar out of your diet as an act of self-love and self-care, rather than an act of deprivation or punishment. Humans have a natural preference for sweetness. Use this as an opportunity to adjust to and appreciate different forms of sweetness. As the sugar addiction subsides, your body will reestablish its own natural harmony.Here are some important tips you can use for phasing out sugar:

Adjust to Milder Sweets
Excessive use of refined sugars has likely increased your tolerance and desire for sweets. Choosing milder natural sweeteners like stevia will allow your body to readjust and free you from the sugar cycle so you can begin to enjoy naturally sugar-free desserts as a special treat once again.