Early Signs of Sleep Deprivation Can Help You Stop It

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By John Purfield

Sleep deprivation is when your body does not get the required sleep it needs. Sleep deprivation could be voluntary or not (through a sleep disorder). There are many signs of sleep deprivation. Some are noticeably obvious and some symptoms are not because you may think the other symptoms you're experiencing may be due to another condition you think you have.

Sleep deprivation can affect anyone with a demanding lifestyle. If you work hours on your job, or juggling a job and school, you can easily deprive yourself of sleep. Here are some signs to look out for during your day.

One of the main signs of sleep deprivation is not being able to concentrate. If you are having trouble focusing on your work during the day you may need to make an effort to get more sleep. Also, it may amount to more than it as there are other mental challenges in front of you.

For one, you may feel you are moving slowly or you may feel someone is physically trying to hold you back. You may find creativity is out the door that day because your brain is not functioning at an optimal level. You may find yourself being short with others because not getting enough sleep affects your mood and mental outlook greatly.

In addition to the mental signs of sleep deprivation, you may be experiencing physical problems as well. For example, your reaction time may slow down during physical activity or worse yet, you may even be experiencing aches and pains for no apparent reason.