Tips and Techniques to Improve Short Term Memory

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The effectiveness of mnemonics being used to help short term memory has been a controversial issue. However, it is still the best technique to be used when trying to recall vast amount of information that has been passed down in a short space of time. In particular, a study with young people with learning disability has proven its effectiveness.

To improve short term memory, it is essential to know that memory uses mnemonics to set off certain physiological responses. The mnemonics include /images, sounds, colors, tastes, smells, touch, language and emotions. Most of them are related to the senses. Associating a pleasant, frightening or funny image, color or sound to a certain information helps people to recall better

As soon as the mnemonics have been learnt and understood, there are steps to be taken to improve short term memory. When a person decides to memorize the things he or she learns, the motivation leads to enhancement of the memory. Using existing information when memorizing new ones is also a way to improve short-term memory.

The ability, and equally important, the motivation to teach someone else the new information learnt is one way of strengthening short term memory. Also, re-arranging and organizing information is a method to improve short term memory. Writing down information, reading out load, listening and seeing helps to engage more than one sense at the same time. In other words, adding colorful charts, cartoons, diagrams to a text increases the memorizing speed.

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