Transcendental Meditation, Benefits of Meditation

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The benefits of meditation can be availed of by anyone who decides to practice this art. There are many misconceptions related to meditation such as it is exclusively for people who are on a spiritual search or that it is concerned with focusing or concentrating. Meditation is not concentration, though concentration can be a by-product and benefit of meditation.

The health benefits of meditation are astounding. The simple act of breathing properly in meditation (and the rest of the time, once you develop the habit) massages and relaxes our muscles and organs. This causes the chi to flow more easily through our body, cleansing and rejuvenating it. At deeper levels we can use meditation to focus more energy on specific organs or muscles to help cleanse them of disease and stress.

The benefits of meditation also include getting a handle on your emotions. A lot of the time we let our emotions run our lives, but we need to realize that most of these negative emotions are coming from obsessive thoughts about the future or the past. The past is over and we have no immediate control of the future so people need to learn to be present to get conscious, or in touch with their inner, true self.

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