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Sunday, January 19, 2020
Today, the moon continues to move through Scorpio, prolonging the transformation we've been in for the past couple of days.

The Scorpio moon sextiles Pluto, Saturn, and the sun in Capricorn, bringing a gentle and deep transformation. You're not who you were even two days ago, let alone a year ago. This is a chance to shed skin and let go of the past as you grow into who you are becoming. It will call for maturity and sensitivity, but consider this a defining moment.

The moon enters Sagittarius this afternoon, raising our spirits. We're ready for a new adventure, and the mood lifts after the heaviness of the past two days. This is also the sun's final day in Capricorn, bringing situations to a peak. There's a sense of reaching a vantage point, offering valuable perspective on the road ahead.
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