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Saturday, July 11, 2020
When the moon squares Mercury in the late morning, you can expect to feel a bit moody. If you get the urge to get up on your high horse, this would be a good day to hold back on that. Just because you feel sure of yourself doesn't mean you won't regret getting into it with someone.

You really can't trust your feelings much at all today until the moon conjoins Mars in the late afternoon. That's when your tendency to speak up will be a bit more grounded and you'll have had a chance to remove emotion from your earlier point of view. If you still feel irritable, take some time to cool off.

Chiron goes retrograde this afternoon, making internal wounds our first priority. It's during this time that you're able to see why you're so deeply aggravated by certain behaviors, and that's when the true healing can begin. It's not just anger that you're able to work on but all aspects of your overall mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Issues will be brought into the light so you can more actively search for ways to heal.
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