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Monday, August 3, 2020
The Aquarius moon begins the day with a square to Uranus. Unfortunately, this aspect can throw a wrench into your morning and create all sorts of unwelcome stress, so try to wake up a bit earlier to compensate for any traffic, power outages, or unexpected time-eaters you may encounter.

This energy will be extra potent because there's a full moon today, and some added frustrations may develop as the sun joins the party, forming a t-square with the moon and Uranus. This aspect can make us feel more emotional than usual and as though we're not in control of the situation. Uranus loves to throw chaos into our lives with harsh aspects like this, and with sensitivity being heightened, things could get overwhelming very quickly.

Try not to take things personally today. There's a lot of stress in the air, and if you're not mindful, your ego could take a serious hit. Focusing on your breath and remembering your self-worth will help you get through the aggravating parts of the day.

Luckily, as evening rolls in, the erratic energy dissipates as the moon forms a pleasant aspect to Mars, giving you a chance to reset emotionally. Use this energy to get a little active, blow off some steam, and raise your energy level. Remember to be patient with yourself and others.
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