5 Ways to Bounce Back from Infidelity and Divorce

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Roughly two-thirds of marriages do not survive after an admission of infidelity. If you've undergone a divorce after your spouse cheated, then you probably are feeling anger, sadness, resentment and a lot of other negative emotions. You likely need to regroup and get your footing in life again after such a traumatic breakup – easier said than done, right? But making a plan to move on is a promise to yourself that you will not get stuck in the past and will allow yourself to love, trust and eventually forgive – if not for your ex, then for your own peace of mind. First, assess your willingness to let go. Take off your wedding ring and let go, and if you can't, get to the bottom of your reticence. Don't prolong the inevitable. It's going to be painful – allow yourself to feel that pain, not push it aside.