Avoid Dating Burnout

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Well, if you just make it a rule to always be yourself on a date, then you'll know you put your best, authentic self forward. When you find yourself searching for the best dating hotspots, best online dating service, most romantic restaurants, etc., you might be setting yourself up for burnout. Stick with one strategy or one service for a little while before jumping around to another one. Give that Web site a month or two instead of just a week to pay off, and you'll find that a little patience goes a long way. Finally, try not to feel overwhelmed when it comes to dating. If the entire idea of meeting a new person stresses you out, take a step back. Enjoy the process – incorporate your own interests into your dates so that there's a payoff for you as well. Perhaps you want to see a new museum exhibit or try a new restaurant – make it a date so that you'll be guaranteed to be excited and probably enjoy the experience much more.