Could You Be Bi?

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You may feel on occasion that your attraction to a person of the same sex may brand you a bisexual. And there's nothing wrong with that, but many people are reticent to label themselves as such because of the "make up your mind" mentality of others. Society is eager to place a label on what people are, whether it's identifying with a certain race or ethnicity, political party - or sexual orientation, in this case. But human sexuality isn't as cut and dried as that, and it can change over a lifetime. Bisexuality, in its most basic form, is defined as the awareness or recognition that you are or could be attracted to either gender physically and/or emotionally. The sex researcher, Alfred Kinsey, created a scale back in the 1950s that places sexuality on a scale of 0, being complete heterosexuality, to 6, representing complete homosexuality. The 3 on the scale would be where bisexual people would fall, and most people are not 0s or 6s, according to his research. So it's normal to have "bi-curious" feelings, meaning you might be interested in sexual relations with the same sex, but perhaps aren't interested in pursuing a relationship with someone of the same sex. It's also normal to begin thinking of yourself as either heterosexual or homosexual in your younger years, then begin to feel attraction to the other sex. However, it's up to the individual alone to decide how to label himself or herself. If you feel like not all the people you've been attracted to, then it's perfectly all right to call yourself bisexual and come out as such...or not.