Hollywood's Big Surprises...Below the Belt

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With the advent of social media, sexting and sex tapes, it's pretty easy to find out the below-the-belt business of major Hollywood stars. But do you know which A-List stars' not-so-private parts are the biggest in La-La Land? Based on quotes from former paramours and even some actual photographic evidence, here's who's got a party in their pants. David and Victoria Beckham aren't shy about what makes their relationship work, and part of that is what David brings to the bedroom. We've all seen those heart-stopping underwear ads, and Victoria corroborates that it's all natural, likening the soccer star's equipment to a "tractor exhaust pipe." Other actors from across the pond who are living large include Liam Neeson, Ewan MacGregor, Daniel Craig and Colin Farrell. Janice Dickinson once dished about her former bedmate Neeson: "He unzipped his pants and an Evian bottle fell out.” Yikes.