How Not to Fall for a Platonic Friend

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It's one of the oldest debates in history - can men and women really just be friends? According to mother of feminism Mary Wollstonecraft, the answer was an emphatic "no!" Wollstonecraft herself believed that platonic friendships were usually a stepping stone for more insidious behavior. And maybe she's right. Even the best-laid plans to stay platonic can go awry, especially when the guy and gal in question have significant others. Such relationships can mean trouble for everyone involved. The good news is that it is possible to stay "just friends" with the opposite sex while still keeping everything on the up and up. The first step is putting boundaries into place. Remember, you're just friends. Avoid physical contact. Whether it's as innocuous as a touch on the arm or as intimate as a neck rub, do your best not to get physical. A simple gesture could easily spark an emotion you thought wasn't there.