How to Take the Perfect Couple's Picture

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Don’t be afraid to get intimate with a hug, a kiss or an embrace. It’s fine to keep it PG as long as you stave off the platonic vibe. Turn off the flash to avoid red eyes or squinting. Be spontaneous as possible. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to look straight at the camera for a good shot. Cute candid photos are often the ones that last a lifetime. Trying to put the best you forward? We all know that the camera packs on the pounds. Tilt your chin upwards to avoid those unwanted chin rolls. For a slimmer look, position your arms away from your body to prevent the presence of arm flab. Add some ambiance with apps like Instagram. Adjusting the filter effects can give your romantic snapshot a vintage look. With all of the technology these days, you and your love will look more photogenic than ever. With these helpful hints, saying “cheese” doesn’t have to be cheesy.