Learn to Make Love with the Lights On

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For many couples, sex doesn’t start until the lights go out. And it’s no coincidence. A survey conducted by Glamour magazine found that 40 percent of women aren’t happy with their bodies. Such a startling statistic might explain why so many women prefer to stay in the dark when it comes to sex. Unfortunately, the “lights out” policy is likely selling you - and your mate - short. Even if you don’t find yourself attractive, it’s pretty much guaranteed that your partner does. He is with you, after all. There’s a good chance the only thing your man is missing in his sex life is a bird’s eye view of you. In many cases, women are uncomfortable being completely exposed because it leaves them feeling vulnerable. Women often give in to feeling self-conscious by keeping themselves out of the spotlight. There’s no reason your love life should fall victim to your insecurities.