Recover from Breakup Battiness

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If you were crying hysterically, he was probably focused on how bad he felt about hurting you, not how gross your eyeliner looked running down your face. Resist the urge to relive the incident with him and remind him of all the gory details - some of which he may not even remember. The old adage says time heals all wounds, and there is truth to it. Down the road, your epic meltdown may not even be a blip on his timeline. Finally, learn from your mistake and what prompted you to go nuts. If mayhem ensues after you've been drinking, then perhaps it's time to institute a two-drink maximum to head off emotional outbursts before they happen. If you feel insecure about yourself or envious of others, then a therapist might be able to bolster your self-esteem. Whatever you do, don't beat yourself up about breakup battiness.

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