50 Shades: The Good, The Bad & The Downright Dirty

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One person who definitely had her fair share of 50 is public relations guru Jenn K. After taking the recommendation of a closest friend, the 54-year-old divorcee had high expectations for the erotic thriller. However, she had problems reading between the lines. A professional writer, Jenn K. admits she was turned off by the language in the book... and she's not talking about those four-letter words.

Says Jenn K., "What a complete waste of time. I wasn't shocked at the sex or the storyline, I was shocked at how terribly written it was. The author actually managed to makewild sex seem tedious. And every single description of food or wine was 'delicious.' Are you kidding me? There's not another adjective she could have come up with?"

She adds, "After the first one ended with a total thud, my friend convinced me to read the second book. Reluctantly, I did, but I have to say I forced myself to finish it. I would not let this dumb book defeat me.I couldn't stand Ana or Christian by the end of it. And please don't tell me Kristin Stewart will be cast in the movie version - although maybe she's the right choice, so the movie can be as dreary and uninspired as the book."

But erotic fiction aficionado Janet B. points out that anyone looking for perfectly-executed prose in 50 Shades of Grey is guaranteed to come away feeling disappointed. It's the equivalent to looking for love in all the wrong places.

"The writing in general wasn't anything spectacular if you're looking at it from a writer's view," says Janet B. "It kept my interest, but I don't read those books because the grammar or punctuation is good. That's not why anyone reads those kinds of books.