50 Shades: The Good, The Bad & The Downright Dirty

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"When people say it's grammatically horrible, they're reading it for the wrong reasons. It cracks me up when people comment on the writing."

While erotic fiction isn't for the faint of heart, Janet B. says that after reading more than 100 books in the genre James' book is far from the raciest she's encountered. Despite the ben wa balls and bondage, she says that 50 Shades is a far cry from the real BDSM deal. In fact, she says it's just enough to whet the palate.

"They didn't go into the erotica as much. They talked about the playroom and such but they didn't get into the entire lifestyle the way other erotica books do. She just touched on it, which is why mainstream housewives like it so much. She touched on it, but it wasn't really that intense."

She points out that the read looking for a true BDSM experience should look to authors such as Lora Leigh and Maya Banks who have been writing this genre for years and years.

Regardless of how women feel about the book, it's hard to deny its role as an aphrodisiac. Vivica H., a 30-year-old New York sales director, says that before she turned to 50 her bedroom activities had become tiresome. In an effort to spice up her sex life, she began reading excerpts of the book to her fiancé. It wasn't long before they were role-playing Ana and Christian.