50 Shades: The Good, The Bad & The Downright Dirty

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Vivica admits she's also become more open minded about experimenting with some of the sexual play in the book such as using ben waballs, getting bound by something other than handcuffs and using riding crops, whips made of braided leather. All in all, she says she has the book to thank for a more lively sex life.

"I was hungry sexually the entire time I was reading the book. You can't hide that sort of thing when you live together. I was always so damn horny. I had to let him know why. We definitely have sex more frequently now," Vivica says.

She adds, "I didn't really have any preconceived notions about BDSM, expect that I found it, kinky I guess. I still think it's kinky, but would like to be tied up by a man that knows what he's doing any day of the week."

Vivica is in good company. There has been plenty of buzz about this startling sexual reawakening that's occurred. According to Kerner, it's a very, very good thing for couples. While they might not go to the great lengths that the characters in 50 Shades of Grey do, it's obviously serving as some serious inspiration.

Kerner explains: "You hear about 50 Shades pregnancies. I've spoken to a lot of women who have gotten their husbands reading it or they're reading it together. It's safe to say it's heating upaction in the bedroom. I don't know that couples are going out to enact thescenarios in the submission and domination aspect. But it's turning couples on and they're having more sex. I think some of them as a result are interested in exploring and dipping their toes into the shallow waters of kinkier sex."