10 Male Celebs That Drive Women Crazy

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7. Jake Gyllenhaal

Oscar-nominated Jake Gyllenhaal has had a busy year already wrapping up his role as cop in the upcoming End of Watch. He is also scheduled to premiere this summer in an off-Broadway production at the Roundabout Theatre Company in New York called "If There is I Haven't Found it Yet." Rumors that he is hooking up with a Twilight Star have many women jealous as they admire his sexy and smoldering good looks.

8. Rafael Nadal

Nadal proves that not every sexy celebrity has to be a movie star - his athletic prowess helps to drive plenty of women crazy. Nadal's moves on the tennis court and his rugged good looks make him a top fantasy figure to many women. If he manages to win a seventh French Open title this summer, his status as a sex symbol is sure to rise even higher.

9. Will Smith

While Will Smith has been out of the spotlight for several years, he's not out of the hearts and minds of women. For those who can't get enough of the former Fresh Prince of Bellaire, this sexy male celeb will soon be back on the big screen in the long-awaited Men in Black 3. His long and devoted marriage to Jada Pinkett is not in trouble though, according to a recent statement he made, despite rumors to the contrary. If it was, there would be many women in line willing to help pick up the pieces and provide comfort.