Teaching Your Child to Be Responsible
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As a parent, it's your responsibility to teach your child responsibility. You want to raise your children with good values, and instilling in them the importance of being responsible is a strong foundation upon which to build. Realistically,... Read More
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Fun Parties for Kids When You're on a Budget
With kids, anytime is the time for a party. You do not have to rent giant blow-ups for your front yard and feed every kid within a radius of 100 miles either. Letting your kids have a slumber party with...
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Time Management Tips for Working Moms
When you walk in the door, you see a stack of papers floating around your desk, and when you go home, just as at the office, you can't find those important papers you need so desperately to stay out of...
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Mother Love
The mother-child bond is critical to healthy development. Love between the two is even biochemically hard-wired. We need to take note as society moves in a direction that assumes that so long as...
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