Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: How to Tell It's time for an Update

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When Your Haircut Adds 5, 10...20+ Years to Your Look


One of the most common reasons for needing to update your hairstyle-aside from the desire to keep up with trends-is tied to age. As we get older, our estrogen levels drop. With this hormonal shift comes a change in the hair's texture and body.

You may notice that your hair is thinning or less shiny than it used to be. Your hair may be more susceptible to the damage of chemical treatments and heat styling products. At this stage, a shorter cut with more layers can lend much needed body and the type of bounce that is associated with those youthful beauties in Vidal Sassoon commercials.

Some women hold onto the long, single-layer locks of their flower child youth with the mistaken belief that this will make them appear younger. In reality, this type of hairstyle can weigh your face down and add unnecessary years to your appearance. Ask any stylist worth their weight in pomade and they'll tell you; layers around the face can soften your look and won't accentuate wrinkles and fine lines the way a single-length cut will.

When Your Haircut Is Unflattering to Your Frame/Face/Features

If you're feeling less-than-excited about your appearance, consider that an unflattering haircut may be the culprit. The wrong haircut for your face shape, texture or facial features can significantly alter the appearance of your face. Talk to a stylist who will take the time to really evaluate your hair AND your face. They can guide you on the type of cut that will play up the parts of your face that you're most excited about and downplay the aspects that you are less thrilled with.