Playing Nice with Your Ex: Here's How

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Be Honest - Now you don't have to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but if you begin dating a new person seriously, are moving out of town, or make other big life decisions that you would tell friends about, your ex should also be clued in. Even if your previous relationship wasn't so truthful, resolve to start now.

Say "I'm Sorry" - These two little words can hold a lot of power and make more of an impact than holding your breath until you turn blue or slashing someone's tires. Don't believe that by saying "I'm sorry" you are admitting fault for the demise of a relationship. You are simply extending the olive branch and showing that you're ready to move on.

Don't Play the Martyr - Trying to force an amicable relationship with a jerk, ahem, person who continues to be hurtful or harmful is not worth it. Evaluate the situation, and if you feel that you have tried your best to be the bigger person to no avail, move on.