Product Review: Baby Bottles

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What constitutes "good" bottles isn't only up to the mom; babies have preferences just like we do. It may take some trial and error to find the right bottle. You may try a bottle out on your little one and find that she's not all that interested in it, while another type will make her happy.

Better for the Belly

When a baby drinks from a bottle, air can get sucked in and mix with the liquid. This can cause common infant complaints such as gas, spitting up, and other tummy troubles. It can also lead to ear infections as air gets trapped in the baby's middle ear.

Any mother will tell you that these conditions are the cause of many miserable, sleepless nights for the whole family.

Many bottle makers have recognized these problems and tried to prevent them by creating a bottle that either by its shape or some other feature prevents air from mixing with the liquid.

  • Angled-neck bottles are a simple way to reduce gas and other stomach issues. This design allows milk to collect in the nipple as the baby feeds, reducing air intake. They also encourage holding the baby in a slightly upright position, which promotes digestion and decreases the risk of ear infections. One good-quality angle neck baby bottle is the Playtex Vent-Aire.
  • The Playtex Original Nurser includes disposable plastic bottle inserts that collapse as the baby nurses, reducing air intake.
  • The fully vented Dr. Brown's Natural Flow baby bottle is designed with a special straw-shaped vacuum system that reduces air bubbles. This bottle is one of the highest rated baby bottles on the market today. An added bonus: less air in the bottle means no oxidation of nutrients.