Product Review: Baby Bottles

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Back to Nature

Parents have a new concern when it comes to their babies' health: toxic chemicals in baby bottles. Plastics in some baby bottles contain compounds like BPA, phthalates, and other chemicals that can cause serious illnesses in children. This scary discovery was a major wake-up call for parents and bottle manufacturers, and created a new trend toward more natural baby bottles that are healthier for kids and better for the planet, too.

The leader in the eco-friendly baby bottle industry is Born Free, a Florida-based company that produces BPA-free Polyethersulfone (PES) baby bottles that are safe and recyclable, too. When you're done with a Born Free bottle, just send it back to the company to be turned into other products, like eco-safe plastic chew-rings.

Your grandma probably used glass baby bottles and guess what? They're back. Glass baby bottles are chemical free and can be reused indefinitely, so they're perfect for the eco-conscious mom.

The Evenflo Sensitive Response Clear Glass Bottle is designed much like a classic glass baby bottle, but it includes an air-control venting system. They're a great choice for home use and for newborns, but many moms think twice about toting glass bottles or using them for older babies.