How to Fix a Home Haircolor Horror

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What looked like a gorgeous auburn on the box turned your hair a Little Orphan Annie orange. Or your desired platinum color is more of a puce hue. Regardless of what you've done to your once-pretty hair, the good news is that a bad dye job can usually be reversed. The best advice is to go to a stylist and have it fixed professionally. It's crucial, however, to go as soon as you can. If your hair color needs to be stripped, then it's most effective to do so within 72 hours of coloring. But if there's no time to see a stylist, then you may need to take matters into your own hands. First, try rinsing your hair with lots of hot water - it sounds too easy to be true, but hot water can fade haircolor, particularly if it's fresh. Head to the kitchen for extra virgin olive oil and heat it up. Be careful that it's not too hot - you don't want to soak your head in boiling oil! - then follow with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner.