The Best Body-Conscious Work Picks

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This fall, why not give your work wardrobe a boost? The modern work environment isn't confined to just a boring black suit anymore, in most cases. Consider your body type and the parts that you want to accentuate or hide when it comes to office wear. Of course, if you work in a conservative environment like a law office, you won't want to bare too much. Nor do you want to call attention to those parts that aren't your favorite. So if you feel a little insecure about your upper arms, why not try a long-sleeved silk blouse? They're super-hot this season and offer a more flattering alternative to a button-down shirt. A dainty bow at the neck can add femininity to larger shoulders. The twinset used to be a work standard for women, but for those who are busty, it may call attention to a larger chest. The solution? Go without the buttons.