10 Easy Ways to Look Younger and Improve Your Skin Care

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2. Create your own exclusive anti wrinkle cream/facial cleanser.

If you are one who prefers to use only natural ingredients on your face, then why not consider creating your own mild cleanser using milk, rosewater, oatmeal powder and almond meal?

If your skin is oily, you could use an alternative recipe using chickpea flour, lemon, yogurt or honey.

3. Castor oil is a first-class skin moisturizer.

Do you endure dry knees and/or dry elbows? You may be surprised to learn that castor oil makes a first-rate moisturizer. Sparingly apply it at bedtime and cover the affected area to prevent staining of bedclothes. Castor oil is a widely available natural vegetable oil, and it is inexpensive too.

4. Want to look younger? Almonds make for crystal clear skin?

Almonds are an especially good source of antioxidants, which help to keep your skin clearer and more healthy. Add an ounce of almonds to your daily diet to encourage better skin health and better overall health.