10 Easy Ways to Look Younger and Improve Your Skin Care

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9. Have a hot lemon drink.

Drink plenty of cups of hot water containing a slice of lemon. This is a terrific way to purify your body. Do this at least once or twice a week - more frequently if possible - and you will be cleansing your kidneys and liver, which are where most toxins accumulate. Those toxins can cause blemishes and other skin problems.

10. Epsom Salts treat your feet!

If the skin on your heels is liable to crack and dry out in winter, soak your feet a few times a week to restore moisture. Use a combination of warm water, Epsom salts and aromatic oils for a relaxing, and fragrant soak.

These are just a few tried and tested natural skin care treatments using easily-obtainable products. If you want to prevent wrinkles or are looking for the best wrinkle cream, do not ignore them!

At the other end of the treatment spectrum (from natural skin care remedies) are Botox Injections, laser peels, and other similar treatments. Many people believe that these are the ultimate solution to their skin care problems.

I do feel however that the many simple, low-cost natural skin treatments for skin care problems should be given a try too. I do hope that you feel the same way.

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