Natural Beauty Boosters

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  • Another scientifically proven stress-buster is meditation. While you may not see yourself as the type of person who can sit for hours at a time chanting "OM," you might benefit from giving it a try for several minutes a day. There are websites and DVDs geared for beginners that are very simple to follow. Being at peace with yourself will show on your face. It will also manifest in the way you treat yourself and others. When you love yourself, you will look better, be more positive and draw others to you.
  • Hot and cold treatments, like hot stone therapy, cold mud therapy and saunas are great, natural ways to release tension and invigorate both your skin and your mental state.

For millennia, women have used these and countless other natural beauty treatments to bring out the best in their bodies. In our current economic climate, we find ourselves once again looking to nature for face and body enhancers that are simple, readily available and kind to our bodies, our wallets, and the planet.