Travel Toiletries: On-the-Go Must-haves

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Hand sanitizers are becoming more common with the prevalence of new pandemics such as H1N1 or even the common flu. Purell and many other hand sanitizer brands offer compact bottles with secure snap lids, perfect for when the restroom runs out of soap, or your hands land on a sticky surface.

For cleaning germ-prone surfaces such as telephone receivers and shopping cart handles, moist anti-bacterial wipes are available in handy travel packs. WetOnes offers 15-sheet anti-bacterial hand wipe packs and 24-count individual wipe packets.

If you need a quick mouth refreshing but don't have the time for a full toothbrush job, Colgate Wisps are the perfect solution. It's like a tiny toothbrush and paste in one, plus it's disposable and comes in a 2-pack. They're easily found in the oral care aisle of most grocery and drugstores.

It's also a good idea to keep some dental floss picks in a small baggie for those stubborn little pieces of food that get stuck when you're not near your bathroom.

Finding More Convenient-Sized Travel Items

If you don't want to pay for the empty bottle sets in travel kits, or really don't need a 3oz. bottle, there may be some good solutions already in your home! A great tip for transporting small amounts of liquid, like eye makeup remover, is to put some in a clean empty contact lens case. They're airtight and perfect for liquids you only need a small amount of in a few days.