10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own
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It would be wonderful if women didn't need to own practical shoes. It's so much fun to shop for and wear Sex and the City-style stilettos and fashionable - if not functional - works of art. But there are some must-haves that you need for your... Read More
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10 Easy Ways to Look Younger and Improve Your Skin Care
Anti Aging Skin Care is the new phrase on many women's lips right now. But even using the best skin care products we can't defeat time,...
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Bikini Wax: Everything You Need to Know (Whether Getting it Done at the Salon or at Home)
A well-groomed bikini line never goes out of style. Whether you just bought a new suit for that mid-winter's jaunt to the tropics, or you...
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Braids, Buns and More
If you have long hair and want to change up your hairstyle, braids and buns can be the way to go. There are many different types of...
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