Taking Anti-Aging Into Your Hands
Today's Beauty Tip
We all pay attention when it seems like a new wrinkle or age spot crops up on our faces, slathering on expensive creams and serums to prevent aging. We use sunscreen prodigiously to make up for all those years when we worshipped the sun, but... Read More
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How to Pick the Perfect Hair Products
A general rule of thumb when picking out hair products is that what is perfect for you may not be so perfect for someone else. If you...
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Hair Removal Options
Let's face it, girls. When it comes to our legs, underarms and bikini lines, the hairy look is out. While it may be a preference for some...
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Designer Purse Discounts: How to Get Them
When it comes to designer purses, one thing's for sure. Most fashion-forward womenn want one. But not every fashionista out there can...
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