Tool Time: Brush Up on the Cleaning Process
Today's Beauty Tip
Most women don't give a second thought to cleaning their cosmetics brushes. In reality, those unassuming brushes can be chock-full of bacteria and dirt build-up. By cleaning your brushes, they will last even longer. It will also prevent your... Read More
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Anti-Frizz Hair Treatments
Have you ever seen a hairstyle you loved, but when you tried it out it simply looked wrong? Did your hair lack definition or was puffy,...
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Types of Perfumes
There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of types of perfumes in today's market. The high demand for various types of perfumes makes it...
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Facts To Know About Perfume
Perfume (Latin "per fume" meaning "through smoke") was highly favored by the Egyptians, Romans, and Arabs. In East Asia, perfumes were...
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