A Little Off the Sides: DIY Haircutting

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No time to make an appointment at the salon? No funds with which to pay a stylist? No problem. Many women, and especially men, can trim their own hair with a little practice. If you want to try to cut your own hair, then it might be a good idea - at least the first time - to have a little cash and your usual hairdresser on speed dial in case it needs fixing. But for many hairstyles, it's definitely doable to give yourself at least a trim. Start with sharp, haircutting scissors, which you can get in the hair accessory section of large stores or beauty supply stores. It's a good idea to have a buddy around - roommate, spouse, friend, etc. - who can even out the back for you if need be. Other gear you might need for a short haircut might be clippers and guards. You'll also need a comb and brush to use frequently as you cut. Keep brushing during the process to prevent flyaways. Set up shop in the kitchen or bathroom, where it's easier to clean up. Lay down a sheet underneath you for even easier cleanup. Start by brushing hair out in its normal style while it's still damp after a shampoo.