Take Years Off Your Eyes

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Wrinkles, bags, puffiness, crow's feet - they're all common complaints that women have about their eyes, and rightfully so. These unsightly imperfections can give away your age - and even add years to your face. So avoid them or learn the best ways to treat and conceal them if you already have that tired-eyes look. The first and most obvious way to avoid looking tired and older is to get more sleep - and sleep better. Tossing and turning, sleeping on an uncomfortable pillow and stomach sleeping are all ways in which you might inadvertently age your eyes. A flat pillow will not allow for drainage, resulting in fluid settling around the eyes. Tuck an extra pillow under your head to allow it to drain, and be sure not to smash your face into a pillow. It may seem comfy to you, but it spells puffiness for your eyes. Invest in a good night cream that keeps eyes refreshed. Ingredients to seek when you're looking for a good-quality eye cream include retinols, vitamins A, C, E and K, and antioxidants.