What to Tip for Beauty Services

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Getting out your wallet at the end of a salon or spa service can be downright ugly. Between the person who actually performed the service you needed and the supporting players, who might include anyone from the shampooer, blow dryer, wax assistant or receptionist, you might feel like Daddy Warbucks handing out all that cash. So who gets a tip when you have your hair done, bits waxed or any other service intended to make you pretty? And how much do they get? Unfortunately, it really depends on a lot of factors, including salon policies, the quality of service and the team effort. The general rule is to tip your main service provider, whether she's a waxer, esthetician, manicurist, hair stylist or other, 15 to 20 percent, based on the quality of service. Most stylists report that a good haircut tends to deliver on the 20 percent side, but check into industry standards first. In-demand stylists or those who have gone out of their way to help you (think color correction, etc.) may deserve a higher tip. What about all those other "assistants"? Don't assume the main service provider will split her tips. Go ahead and be prepared to shell out $3-$5 for a shampoo, blow dry, shoulder massage, etc.