Braids, Buns and More

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Braided Bun (adapted from

This pretty braid-bun combo will make you look and feel like a princess

1. To begin, create a basic ponytail. If you want a two-bun look, you can achieve it by starting with pigtails held securely with hair elastics.

2. Split the ponytail into two equal chunks.

3. Braid half the ponytail. It's best to braid as close to the ends as possible, but you can stop sooner if the hair is thin. Use an elastic band and a small amount of hair spray to hold in place. If you're using hairspray to secure the braid, you might want to let it dry, either by holding it for a minute or giving it a quick dry with a hairdryer on the low setting.

4. You can now repeat step 3 on the other section of hair. The two-braid method makes for a neater bun with no unsightly stray loops of hair. If you prefer to use 1 braid per ponytail, you can use bobby pins to help the bun hold its shape

5. Finally, you can wrap the braids around the ponytail, at the base. You can wrap one braid in one direction, then the other braid around that one. Tuck the braids underneath the previous wraps. You don't always need bobby pins to secure the hairstyle, but if the style is for a wedding, prom or other special event, you'll want ensure that the style holds. You can also add some glitter spray for extra glamour.