Braids, Buns and More

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French Twist (adapted from

This is a classy look that can be worn at the office or to a wedding.

1. Brush your hair so it's all to one side of the head. Hold in place at the back with clips.

2. Apply hairspray to all the hair.

3. Using your thumb, twist the hair into a cone shape, holding it secure with your other fingers.

4. Use pins to slide in and around the twist, so they point in towards the middle, to anchor the "do in place.

5. Use a bristle brush to neaten the style and use hairspray to hold the look together.

Upside Down Bun (adapted from

This is one you CAN do yourself, even if you're not a styling expert. It's not a formal look, but it's fine for hot, humid days or evenings out with the girls.

1. This style starts with a simple upside down ponytail. To do this, create a basic ponytail (preferably one that sits low) then separate two chunks of hair above the elastic. Pull the ponytail through the gap. For quick and easy tying, keep a hair elastic on your wrist so it's there when you need it.