How to Skim Time off Your Morning Routine

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It never fails. Fifteen minutes before the alarm clock starts ringing in your ears, Ninja the cat pounces on your belly to let you know he's hungry. You nudge him off the bed but he jumps right back on and stares you in the face until you get up. Your spouse is lying by your side snoring loudly. The kids are sound asleep in their rooms. And you're groggy.

There's so much to do and so little time. Feed the cat, make the coffee, prepare breakfast, get the kids ready for school, bag their lunches and ... and what about you? If it's not casual Friday, you have to do your hair, do your makeup, iron your blouse — all while hurrying the kids along before the school bus arrives. And the car is running on empty. Argh!

If that sounds like your morning, you need a better routine to save time and get a relaxing start to your day. Rushing every morning is no fun. t's chaotic and stressful. Too many mad-dash mornings are sure to send you spiraling out of control.

Sit down, take a deep breath and read the following tips to de-stress and skim time off your morning routine.