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Hair detanglers are frequently used for children, and if you're a mom, you may be tempted to use your child's detangler product. While this won't hurt in a pinch, adult hair usually needs much more conditioning than children's sprays can provide. Moms also need a detangler that works with, not against styling products, whatever their hair type.

Because tangles are often a result of hair damage, products that work overtime to repair the hair shaft are good options when you're fighting the knot monster. Leave-in conditioners step up your hair care routine by providing protection beyond the shower. These products usually address the immediate problem of tangles by making your hair softer and easier to comb, but also stay in your hair to repair damage done by styling and environmental factors.

Thrifty and Classic

Infusium 23 Leave In Conditioner (average price $4.99) isn't labelled specifically as a detangler, but it does the job by delivering much-needed nourishment to dry damaged hair. This product comes in formulations for different types of hair like frizzy, dry or color-treated. It's a very light formula that sprays in with ease and doesn't leave a heavy scent or residue.

So Long, Tangles!

Women with very long hair have special considerations when it comes to keeping their locks in top shape. Tangles are the bane of a long-haired gal's grooming routine, and Rapunzels will do just about anything to avoid the frustrating and time-consuming routine of fighting a mass of stubborn knots.